Hitlerites called these lands "the quiete place"
by Olena Rasenko
Ukrainian Journal No.3, 2007

They hoped they came here for long. A great many of military mysteries which still preserve the archives of special services marked by stamp "in secret" are hidden underground, in Vinnytsya region. Under Vinnytsya itself there are headquaters of Hitler, and a bit further to the north - of Hering. The commander of the air forces chose for his Podil fortification the forest nearby Hulivtsi, which is to the north of the region. There was also an aerodrome, railway and direct telephone connection with Hitler.
Nowadays, the fortification of Hering is two deep shafts with wreckage of thick walls, connected by tight iron armature. Doors, windows and whatever could be taken away from the underminted headquarters, were dragged out by local peasants. They say, not an only house was rebuilt with the debris of the headquarters after the war. On the decay of the former Podil apartments of Hering there is a landfill. The residents of Hulivtsi village hardly ever recall the Hering's headquarters. The researchers of the World War II period do not exclude that somewhere underground in this area there could be a secret plant where fascists tried to elaborate the atomic bomb.

September 2, 2009

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