by Oleksandr Dovhal, 1927
Ukrainian Avant-garde artist

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The "Distribution of the Ration" artwork was found by the in the book "Ukrainian Avant-Garde Art, 1910-1930" published in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1996. The illustration in black and white takes up a full page and is Number 307. It was created in 1927 and is listed as a linocut in the section of the book labeled as neoprimitivism and naive style.

The well known famine poster from the 1921-1923 famine in the Soviet Union by famous poster artist Moor is shown in the upper left hand corner. There is another poster shown on the right side of the image.

Additional information is needed as to exactly what all is being depicted by the many images found in this artwork, the political tone and message of the work and about the artist. If you can provide such information please contact us.

The avant-garde book states that Olexandr Dovhal was born in 1904 and died in 1961.


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January 25, 2016

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