Archangel Mikhail,
    Protector of Kyiv

    Mariyinsky Palace;
 a pearl of architecture,
    was built in Kyiv,
  in the 18th century

                   In Kyiv there are a lot of distiguished historical and cultural places. Thousands of Kyiv residents
  pass by them in a rush every day. Kyivites are used to their beauty and, perhaps, do not pay
  much attention to them, though they are worth a peculiar glance. And if you stop for a while, the
  city would disclose its secrets....  

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 Monument to St. Volodymyr;
 from this place he said to have 
baptized Kyiv Rus residents
 in the year 988

  St. Andrew's Church; 
   said to be built on the place
 where Apostle Andrew prophesied
 appearance of Kyiv

         St. Nicholas Cathedral;
 under the soviets the radiostation
 which silenced VOA broadcasting 
     was located here

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February 18, 2010

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