Sofiya KyivskaManWomanNew Year in Ukraine, Kyiv


- Are you located in Ukraine? Are you familiar with the area?

  Yes, we are located in Ukraine and we know this area very well.


- Are the publications you sell printed in Ukraine?

   Yes, most publications are printed in Ukraine.


- Are you able to obtain publications which are not on your For Sale gallery?

   Yes, in most cases we can obtain other publications, though it is not guaranteed.


- What is your subscription price to Canada?

   Subscription price is the same for all countries. We price our subscription in US dollars.


- Do you send preview issues before subscription?

  No, we do not.


- Do you have back issues of the magazines you advertise?

  Yes, we have back issues however some of them are out of stock.

  It’s better to check on each issue.   


- Could you add my website to your list of links?

   We do not have universal policy on this.  Each request has to be discussed. 

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