The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933/Poetry
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Poem: "In a Ukrainian Cemetery" (excerpt)
By Oleklsa Hai-Holovko

"A red storm......Cries and weeping
pierce the bloody thick mornings,
I stand in my grieving Ukraine

crucified by Moscow on an honest cross,
Everywhere, graves, graves, graves
in the graves lies my unfortunate country
O holy fate, give me strength

that I may speak the yet unsaid,
The fiery word seizes the heart,
because we fall and perish in cruel prisons,
There is no escape, none, none,
alone, we cannot get out of hell..."

Poem was written by Oleksa Hai-Holovklo in 1933 in Ukraine.
He memorized the poem, burned the original text, and reproduced it from memory in Canada.
Printed in an article by Dmytro Chub, entitled "Echoes of the Great Famine in the Memoirs of Eyewitnesses and in Ukrainian Literature" which appeared in:
"The Great Famine In Ukraine 1932-1933"
The Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Volodymry 
Toronto, Canada
Pages 128-129

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