The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

Ukrainians! Chechens saved you from death of starvation in the 1930s, when hundreds of thousands of you were fleeing from your Homeland away from the horrible famine organized by Moscow

By Sirajin Sattayev for the "Kavkaz-Center" News Agency
Jokhar (Grozny), Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (C.R.I.), January 8, 2004

One Arab journalist, who had to make often trips throughout the Middle East, was telling about what he saw. Any changes in the relations between the countries in the region, sometimes defined with only a few phrases in the official documents and in the press, reflect on the behavior of border guards right away.

For example, if someone like Assad or Ghadafi says a couple of phrases about each other during interviews, then a traveler will encounter a strange phenomenon while crossing the border (even if the traveler was somewhere in the desert during the historic interview). If the leaders attested to brotherly friendship between the two nations, and you happen to be crossing the border of one domain and have a passport of the other leader's domain, you will be surprised by the cordial welcome you receive from border guards and customs officers. And if one leader frowned the other day while speaking of the other leader, or God forbid, if he accused him of having ties with the worldwide imperialism, for example, then beware. A strict border guard will look at your passport with the same _expression that the leader had on his face, like you are a messenger of imperialism, and like he was just talking to the Great One, who told him to show strict vigilance towards you.

Sure, the East is a delicate issue. But today's regimes in the former Soviet republics apparently don't forget that there was a time when they all were members of the Eastern Bloc. At least this tradition took deep roots on the territories of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS, former Soviet Union).

It's all clear with Russian border guards. Their historical traditions have the political roots so deep that they can't be shaken with any winds, because they are unchanged just like the looks on the faces of lackeys at the front door of a Moscow hotel. Although, stupid border guards are still far behind retired colonels standing in front of the hotels. A suitcase that an African-American tourist throws under the porter's feet (even though the porter is a member of Barkashov's Russian National Unity) will not make the porter embarrassed - sure thing, the black guy has an American passport on him.

But what happened to Ukrainian border guards? Looks like they decided not to lag behind their Russian colleagues. The bruises after a brawl in the country's parliament (which supporters of Russia won with the score 1:0) are not gone yet, and the power structures at the borders have already felt the need to switch priorities. They decided to show the initiative locally and banned the holders of Chechen passports from entering the territory of Ukraine.

Even though you can't call these passports 'Chechen passports', since these are passports of the Russian Federation, which Chechens get in accordance to the Russian laws. These passports mention no ethnic background, just the place of birth. And it doesn't make the situation different at all.

It must be admitted that the way the Ukrainian authorities decided to cringe before Moscow is pretty graphic and pretty safe. On the territory of the entire former Soviet Union it is hard to find any more legally defenseless people than Chechens. Unlike even citizens of Nigeria, they can't go to their embassy and complain about tyranny. It would be naive for them to appeal to the embassy or to law enforcement agencies of the country (Russia) whose authorities sanctioned the genocide of their people. Therefore they can be easily detrained in the winter with their children and thereby solidarity with Russian murderers in the genocide can be shown. There are no other reasons for such actions.

It is no secret that Chechens travel through the Ukrainian territories to the European countries, while fleeing from the criminal regime of the invaders. They do no harm to the interests of Ukraine, they are not asking for anything, they only spend money on Ukraine's territories and keep moving on. Maybe some of the Chechens would stay in Ukraine, but the attitude of the authorities is virtually no different than what Chechens experience in Russia.

Even though it is not a part of the rules of the highlanders' etiquette, I would still like to go astray a little and remind Ukraine about some historical fact in order to make the authorities of that independent state ashamed and remind the Ukrainians of such a human concept as thankfulness.

Ukrainians! Chechens saved you from death of starvation in the 1930s, when hundreds of thousands of you were fleeing from your Homeland away from the horrible famine organized by Moscow. Many and many thousands of your fellow countrymen, who were losing their minds, had come to Chechnya to survive and to save their children. Only one little village of Mahkety (which Russians have turned into a ghetto, just like the rest of Chechnya) saved several hundred Ukrainian women, children, men and the elderly from death.

Let me tell you how it happened. Each day Chechens were slaughtering their cattle, setting up fires and used large bowls to boil meat for people dying from starvation. It was all done regardless of the orders of Soviet authorities not to let starving crowds into the villages. Chechens were putting up these people in their homes, - lice-ridden and sick refugees in ragged clothes. Chechens were sharing their clothes and their belongings with them. Thus, the entire Chechnya was feeding you, the Ukrainians. Tens of thousands of your fellow countrymen owe their lives to the Chechen people. I'm sure some of the famine survivors, their children or other relatives are still alive today. Ask them how it was happening.!

But the actions of your authorities towards Chechen refugees today, who are being driven out of their Homeland by a Russian gang of maniacs, are showing that Moscow (which started the famine in Ukraine) is a lot more honored by you than a natural law of thankfulness and national honor. You are fulfilling the will of the Kremlin (which starved 9 million Ukrainians to death) just as obligingly as a Russian slave, who is far away from the feeling of nobility just like an animal is far away from the feeling of shame.

So, there probably are grounds for the expectations of Russian politicians that 'Ukraine will turn to Russia'. According to Russian standards, loving Russia means participation in extermination of Chechens. Ukrainian authorities have already made their first contribution.


Sirajin Sattayev, for Kavkaz-Center


"Kavkaz-Center" News Agency
Jokhar (Grozny), Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (C.R.I.), January 2, 2004


Chechen forced settlers ('muhajirs') contacted Kavkaz Center news and information agency over the phone. They reported that they were heading to visit their relatives in Ukraine. Several families, a total of 21 people including little children, were detrained at the Ukrainian border station of Chervona Mohila ('Red Grave') late at night on January 1.

The refugees reported that the Baku-Kiev train was inspected by the military who identified themselves as being Ukrainian border guards. All citizens with Chechen registration were ordered to step out of the train. A total of 23 people got out, including a Russian family from Chechnya. After checking the passports the Russian family (a couple) was allowed to get back on the train, and all Chechens were forced into the station building. The authorities were asked what the reason for such unlawful actions was, and the senior military officer said that Russia demanded that Chechens are not let into Ukraine.

Chechen forced settlers reported that they were walked (with their little children and their luggage) to a building of another train station (most likely on the Russian side), which was right next to Red Grave. The people were left to the mercy of fate - with no money, no food and virtually like hostages.

Since yesterday the relatives of Chechen forced settlers living in Ukraine have been appealing to the authorities to admit these people into the country. But Ukrainian authorities have been totally silent.

It must be mentioned that this was not the first case of this kind. While trying to please the Kremlin, Ukrainian authorities were detraining Chechen families at the border and not letting them into Ukraine in the past as well. The tyranny against Chechens is now continuing.

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